Are you a passionate cook or baker?

Do you have recipes, stories, and solutions that you want to share?

Do you know that your experience as a cook or baker can make someone's life better, healthier, more fun?

Perfect. It's time to get serious and start writing. COVID-19 has proven that readers are hungry for cookbooks.

Being a cookbook writer isn't worrying about about tech, photos, or design.

That's just drama for the start of a cookbook project and quite frankly that's what publishers are for. 

You first job as a cookbook writer is to develop your belief in yourself as a writer, develop a compelling concept based on who you are and what you know, and from a place of confident energy write your cookbook proposal.

This is what we do INSIDE the Get Paid to Get Published Mastermind

We are cookbook writers.

We define concepts.

We build our platforms.

We get busy writing cookbook proposals.

We don't stress about food photography or book design. 

We aren't worried about losing control.

We pour ourselves into being cookbook writers who are getting published.

But this is the MOST challenging part.

And sadly this is where many writers quit.
Being a cookbook writer who gets published requires a new way of thinking. 
It requires constraint, discipline, and taking 100% responsibility for when and how you show up to build your platform and write your proposal.
Truth bomb: This is the part of a cookbook that publishers can't do for us.
Writers have to do this themselves.
You can do it alone.
Or you can join this unique mastermind just for cookbook writers.

The Publishing Industry is a Business

And it's in business to create cookbooks and make money.

To provide readers with books that benefit them. That help them heal, learn, or have fun in the kitchen.

The opportunity for writing a cookbook and getting published has never been better because of COVID-19. 

Publishers are looking for writers like you for their books and readers are looking for books like yours to change their lives.

  • They are ready for a solution to their weight gain, family meals no one likes, recipes from random food blogs that don't work or are littered with ads, rising food allergies, or grocery bills that are through the roof.
  • They want to feel better or be whisked to a far away place since no one is traveling. 
  • They are ready to be entertained and have some fun. 
  • They are ready to invest their time and money in a book that helps them heal, learn, or have fun in their kitchen.
Now more than ever cooks and bakers are ready for
a massive transformation in their own life.


Enrollment applications now open. Once your application is processed, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.

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There are a lot of people on the internet telling you how hard it is to write a cookbook
and get published.

  • They want you to believe that you don't have what it takes and that getting published isn't a skill that can be learned.
  • That publishing is reserved for stars, celebrity chefs, and the rich and famous
  • That you have to sell your soul to a publisher to become a cookbook author
  • That your platform isn't big enough
  • That your idea isn't good enough

That just isn’t true. 

Plus, publishers need content for their cookbooks. 

If they don't have cookbook writers with ideas and good content, they can't publish cookbooks.

 But, I totally get it.

I've been there. If I learned anything from
writing 4 cookbooks
and getting them published it's that:

  • I couldn't listen to all the naysayers
  • I couldn't look to my past to write a book and become an author
  • I knew that to get published I had to feel comfortable sharing what I knew and who I was.
  • I had to understand that the writing part of a book was up to me
  • I had to believe that I had something of value to share and offer to readers and that I could get published just by being the cookbook-writer version of me.


Inside the mastermind we use the power of a group with a mutual goal: becoming cookbook authors by getting traditionally published. Here's how we do that:

Virtual One-Day Retreat

The virtual retreat marks the start of our time together and will be held in early March 2021. We spend the day together laying the foundation for everything you need to know to define your self-concept, create your book concept, and write a cookbook proposal. 

Monthly Meetings

You leave the retreat with a plan. Now it's time to implement. We will meet 2 times/month for hotseats, coaching, and instruction calls that mix support, brainstorming, goal setting, and accountability so that you you make real-time progress on your self-concept, book concept, and proposal.

Coaching Connection

If you need coaching and support in-between to ask questions, you can schedule a laser coaching call. These 1:1 coaching calls are exclusive to this mastermind group.

Proposal Review

Your cookbook proposal is the tool that you use to communicate all about you and your book idea to a publisher. While in the mastermind group, Maggie and fellow mastermind members provide proposal critique and review, so that you can shape and perfect your proposal before you send it to a publisher.


If you are ready to develop your concept and and write a cookbook proposal then

Get Paid to Get Published Mastermind is for you.


Enrollment applications now open. Once your application is processed, you will be contacted to schedule an interview.

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Maggie is a great coach. She listens and helps you focus and articulate your vision for your cookbook. Maggie provides many relevant support materials and guides to make it easy for you to be productive.


I was unfamiliar with the path to cookbook publication. Maggie gave me the education, support and expertise I needed to complete my project. The community she creates and the skills she teaches are incredibly valuable and have helped other areas of my life. I cannot recommend her services enough!


I took a trip to Italy for 30 days I journaled and took notes on my experience and the foods that we ate with friends and family. I knew that I wanted to create a cookbook based on the recipes that I had but I had no idea how to start. I took first Maggie’s course and loved every minute of it. Based on her personal coaching, I have been able to turn my notes into a proposal for a cookbook that I want to publish.


When you set goals and meet regularly with a group you have an opportunity to be accountable and make progress


When you connect with a group you're no longer working alone in your kitchen or office


When you connect with a coach and mentor your performance as a writer improves



When I first spoke with Maggie Green about becoming a part of the Mastermind Cookbook group, I told her that my cookbook concept had been a labor of love that I was about to think was just a dream.  Through Maggie's patience, persistence, encouragement and vast experience, I now believe it will be a not too distant reality! Her connections in the literary world provided me with an introduction to an editor in my home state, and hopefully, this will be a successful partnership. If you think you cannot write a cookbook, I encourage you to think again and consider signing up for this course!


I was a member of Maggie's mastermind group for writing a cookbook proposal. It's a daunting task to write the proposal but Maggie breaks it down into workable pieces, the group is supportive and gives great feedback. I started with one idea, but fine tuned my cookbook idea with the help of the mastermind group.


Participating in the Mastermind Cookbook group has been invaluable for me!  I know I would not be at the point of submitting my proposal to a publisher if I had not joined this group! Maggie's way of getting everyone involved and contributing to the group is excellent.  Her knowledge and expertise in writing cookbook proposals, working with publishers and helping writers build confidence is excellent. It has been great to go through the process with other cookbook writers, talk through where we are and to help each other think through our concepts and proposals has been incredibly helpful.  I highly recommend joining this group for anyone who is serious about getting their cookbook published!


Enrollment applications now open.

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Hi I'm Maggie Green

I love college basketball, Great British Bake Off, and cute local coffee shops. When I'm not with my family in our kitchen or around the dinner table, I'm teaching cooks and bakers just like you about how to get paid to write cookbooks.



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