• Have you ever searched "the Googles" to "find" a  cookbook publisher?
  • Do you spend hours scrolling social media wondering how in the heck other cookbook authors "found" their publisher?
  • Are you secretly planning to slap together a pitch for any publisher  with a heartbeat? 

I get it. In today's fast-paced world of food bloggers and social-media influencers you may feel like it's hard to compete and break through the noise when what you really desire is to write a cookbook and get published.

You're in the right place my friend. I believe that publishers are looking for dietitians, cooks, and bakers like you who have a message of health, healing, how-to, or history to share. Download the roadmap and let's get started on your journey to become a cookbook author.

Hi I'm Maggie Green. I am a dietitian and author of four traditionally-published print cookbooks,  I love college basketball, Great British Bake Off, needlepoint, fountain pens, and cute local coffee shops. When I'm not hanging out with my family in our kitchen or around the dinner table, I am coaching and teaching dietitians, cooks, and bakers how to become cookbook writers that publishers love to find.


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